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Memories of Peasholm Park

This section is for any visitors memories of Peasholm Park. If you have any memories that you would like to share, please send us an email using the Contact Us link in the menu at the top.

"I am just watching the Nicholas Crane programme about Scarborough on BBC 2 and it is bringing back memories of my holidays as a young boy in the late 1940's.My parents used to bring me for a 1week holiday in "digs",nothing very grand. We used to travel from Coventry by train(steam of course in those days) and I can even now remember eating tomato sandwiches on the journey and getting dust in my eyes by looking out of the train window! However my strongest and long-lasting memory is of watching a performance of "HIawatha"at the open air theatre on the lake in Peasholm Park -It really was a truly memorable experience!" Edward Jordan

"I live in Lincoln but have fond childhood memories of Scarborough including Peasholm Park. My sister & I came on holiday every year to Scarborough with our parents from Hull where we lived. We always stayed at a "boarding house" down Langdale Road - it was gas-lit at that time! and Peasholm Park was the first place we went to after we arrived for the week. My dad always took us on the rowing boats and I can remember going to see the lit-up cowboys & indians display at night, it was very exciting and was the highlight of the week - along with going to the open air theatre with a blanket to keep our legs warm and a flask of tea! I think the site is very good. It gives lots of interesting information about the history of the Peasholm Park and about current day events.I shall keep having a look to see if you come up with any pictures of the display. I'm afraid we dont have any but my sister and I are racking our brains to remember the cowboy's name!" Gill

"In the photograph my Grandmother is Ada Deane and her little daughter is Edna, my Aunt, who was born in 1916, which may help give a better idea of the date. My father, Eric Deane, worked as a night porter at the Crown Hotel as a youth, then worked on the widening of the Valley Bridge. My Grandfather was an entertainer then later became a scenery painter and worked in the Theatre Royal, Opera House, the Spa and the Winter Gardens. I have a photo of him and the rest of the staff outside the Aquarium about 1925. The family moved down to London around 1930. My father often spoke of his years in Scarborough with great affection." Hilary Millar